Japanese tea – conventional vs organic

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Areek from RisheTea

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The experience of quiet joy and clarity, was as unexpected as it was overwhelming.

And in that moment, I entered the Journey that never ends… the Way of Tea.

Over the following days and weeks I gradually tasted all the teas and before long found myself alone behind the tea counter. Thanks to the wonderful people I met.

I met, I learned a lot about tea. Over the years I worked in teahouses in Pardubice, Prague, Brno and Bratislava, took part in an expedition to South Asia, visited plantations in China and Taiwan … and remained loyal to Japan.

Over time, I started to organize tastings, lecture about tea and sell tea.

As time passed, my knowledge and demands grew until I had no choice but to find teas to my liking and start importing.

And so I am fulfilling my dream – Making people happy by doing what I enjoy: 

Importing the best teas from amazing people for those who want the best.

Workshop in English 🙂

Areek J. Martinec