CHASHAKU CARVING – How to make a wooden matcha spoon

Marcel Ahrenholz 

10.09, 14:00-15:30

45zł/person, 10 seats

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(please write in the title of your email “chashaku carving”)

Short introduction to the production of wooden matcha spoons

  • how does a chashaku look like
  • what tools do you need
  • types of wood and effects on carving
  • step-by-step instruction
  • some words about the finish
  • participants: 8-10
  • duration: 60min
  • cost: 45pln/person
  • language: english, german

Marcel Ahrenholz is a master cabinetmaker and wood craftsmen from Germany. In his workshop in Leipzig he designs and produces solid wood furniture and teaware. As a teaceremony student and passionated woodlover he started making chashaku out of (mostly local) wood.

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