Smak gór Wuyi: herbata biała

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Martyna Kubiak, Marta Kaczmarek, WUYI STAR

The taste of Wuyi mountains: White tea 

Smak gór Wuyi: herbata biała


11.09, 12:00-13:30

Wstęp wolny, limit 12 miejsc


W tytule prosimy napisać: Wuyi white tea

Together with WUYI STAR we will explore white Wuyi Mountain teas..

This meeting will be so much fun, not only because we will be able to share with you the great history of the company and its knowledge on how to distinguish four kinds of white tea in China, their variety, the processing ,the sensory but we will brew and try all of those teas. 

We will also connect with China and have time for some Q&A.

This meeting will be hosted by Martyna Kubiak, this year’s Wuyi Star volunteer program graduee and Ms. Caroline  from the Wuyi Star Company. 

Ms. Caroline 

Team Leader of the Wuyistar International Affairs . The person in charge of the Global Tea Volunteer Program. A true tea lover that works with tea and tea people for almost 10 years. Has been drinking tea for almost 30 years. She put in a lot of effort in promoting tea culture to the world.

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